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Also, do not confuse the usual feeling of imitrex with dysthymia. Feeling sad or sad from time to time, feeling unhappy in difficult life situations is completely normal.

These sensations become pathological only when such a condition becomes protracted, prolonged in time, interferes with a normal lifestyle and does not change even when a person is doing well. What are the causes of dysthymia? Any mental disorder does not have only one, single cause. However, researchers have linked dysthymia to serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for controlling emotions and making value judgments.

In addition, as with other mental illnesses, stressful life situations, learning processes, and personality factors influence the development of dysthymia. Women are more prone to dysthymia, people whose relatives have suffered or are suffering from dysthymia or depression, as well as those who have experienced stressful events. The causes of dysthymia are not fully understood.

AdviСЃe. how to buy imitrex online dysthymia and reduce its symptoms. How to beat dysthymia? What to do? How to deal with minor depression? Can you deal with dysthymia on your own? Chronic depressive disorder always requires a referral to a specialist who should conduct neuropsychological testing. The study of human cognitive functions is a preventive and priority measure for the early detection and treatment of dysthymia and other mental disorders. Also, in addition to seeing a specialist, people with dysthymia can also use the tips below to help them feel much better.

1. Exercise will help improve your mood. Physical education not only improves the health and tone of our body, but also improves mood. However, it is not necessary to take sumatriptan pills on serious physical exertion. Any physical activity is useful - walking, dancing, skating, cycling, etc. It's even better to exercise outdoors. 2. Alcohol and drugs aggravate dysthymic symptoms.

There is a misconception that alcohol and drugs help manage depressive symptoms. However, this is not at all the case, moreover, in the long term, these substances not only aggravate sumatriptan pills, but also have an extremely negative effect on our body. 3. Cherish your social relationships.